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11/16/2021 - Currently looking to fill an open seat on the Charter Commission representing the First Ward.  This is fulfill current term to end December 31, 2023.  Applications will be accepted until November 30, 2021. Application Form 

Human Rights Commission

Promote the acceptance of cultural diversity in Owatonna; to promote the elimination of hate, prejudice, and discrimination against persons or groups based on race, gender, religion, or other status of the person or group; to educate the community on issues of discrimination and cultural diversity; to advise the City Council and administration on human rights issues; and to promote the goals and objectives of the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Library Board

Does all things necessary for the efficient operation and management of a public library facility in the City of Owatonna to the extent that may be permitted by statute; empowered to accept and receive all donations and contributions for public library purposes.

Park Board

Establish such committees thereof as it may see fit, and shall have the responsibility to advise the City Council about all operations of parks and recreational programming as offered by the Department of Parks and Recreation. The Board shall be charged to evaluate the delivery of services and quality of facilities.

Shade Tree Commission

Studies the problems and determine the needs of the City of Owatonna in connection with its tree planting program.