License & Permit Forms

Building Permits

Building Permits are available online through Citizen Services

Data Request

To request City data, complete the Online Data Request Form.

Event Requests

An event permit is required for the following: 

  • Parades
  • Public dances
  • Temporary road closure requests
  • Weekend activities requiring use of public right-of-way

Please complete the Event Permit Application online.

Garbage and Refuse Haulers Permit

Please complete the Garbage & Refuse Haulers Permit Application online. 

Ice Cream Vendor Permit

Please complete the Ice Cream Vendor Permit Application online. 

Liquor Licenses

Please complete the Liquor License Application online for new licenses and renewals. 

Park Permit

Use the Park Permit Application for a wide range of events in Owatonna.

Planning and Zoning Requests

Planning and Zoning Requests are available online through Citizen Services

Public Works Permits

Public Works Permits are available online through Citizen Services (Obstruction, Right of Way, Boulevard Tree Order, Wood/Wood Chip Order)

Tree Trimmers Permit

Please complete the Tree Trimmers Permit Application online.

Additional Permits Required

  • Tobacco License
  • Taxi-Cab Permit 
  • Solicitor/Transient Vendor Permit
  • Charitable Gambling

If you have any questions about our Park Permit or Event Permit, or to obtain information and application forms for these City issued licenses/permits, please call Jeanette Clawson, Administrative Specialist, at 507-774-7341 or email Jeanette Clawson.