What was the process for developing a community-wide brand for Owatonna?

With input from various stakeholders across the community, a decision was made to jointly fund a Request for Proposals for an external agency that specializes in branding. After receiving eight competitive proposals, a professional agreement with North Star Place Branding + Marketing was developed based on their expertise in municipality and community-wide branding. The first step was to conduct research to define Owatonna’s existing reputation. Data was the primary driver for uncovering Owatonna’s community-wide brand. More than 2,300 unique inputs provided insights about Owatonna through focus groups, interviews, calls and a survey. This research defined Owatonna’s greatest strengths and what makes our community special and unique. The statistically significant body of quantitative and qualitative research ensured the brand is informed by the reality of the perceptions from consumers, residents and a variety of stakeholders. The findings provide a current snapshot of our community’s reputation and forged a path for developing a new shared brand.

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1. What is a branding strategy?
2. How is a brand different from a logo?
3. What was the process for developing a community-wide brand for Owatonna?
4. Why does the city need a brand?
5. What does the icon in the new logomark represent?
6. When will I start seeing the new brand?
7. Will the new brand replace the City’s seal and coat of arms?
8. Can my business or organization use the new brand?
9. How much did this cost and how was it paid for?