City of Owatonna Public Utilities

The City of Owatonna Public Utilities offers electric, gas and water services to parts of the city.

Additional Service Providers

  • Electric Services: Where you live in the community determines which company provides your electric service.
  • Gas Services: Owatonna Public Utilities provides natural gas service along with Minnegasco.
  • Water Services: Owatonna Public Utilities provides domestic water service. All water in the OPU system is well water, it is pumped from the Jordan Aquifers located under the city.
  • Recycling Services: Steel County Landfill, Steel County Residential Recycling and the Owatonna Compost Site offer recycling services to the public.
  • Sewer Services: Sanitary sewer rates are $1.33 per 100 cubic feet of water with a $2.50 per month base charge. These fees help to pay for the operation and maintenance as well as some of the capital costs of maintaining the city sewer system. OPU bills for sewer service.
  • Street Lights: OPU installs and maintains street lights in Owatonna based on requests from the City Council. Spacing is based on traffic volume and development density along with other factors. Requests for lights should be made through the City Administrators Office.