Cancellations & Closings

City Hall, including the Park & Rec Office, is closed through April 12th. Park and Rec staff is still working, so if you need assistance, please call the Park & Rec Office at 507-444-4321. 

View the status of the following activities:

Wednesday, April 1 - 7:00 AM

  • Playgrounds will be closed by the end of the day, March 27th through April 12th. Parks and trails remain open.
  • Youth Summer Registration has been postponed to begin May 7th, our summer brochure will be published May 5th
  • Adult Activities: OMS Morning Lap Swim Cancelled March 16-May 1st
  • Youth Activities:
    • All Therapeutic Recreation programming is suspended through May 1st
    • Egg Splash Special Event Cancelled April 4 
    • Spring Session 1 Private Swimming Lessons Cancelled
    • Spring Group Swimming Lessons have moved to a 5 day schedule, please see email sent to you for details
    • Youth Soccer Coaches Meeting scheduled for April 6 is postponed
    • Youth Soccer Kickoff scheduled for the week of April 13 is postponed
    • Munchkin Market event cancelled April 25
    • Soccer coaches Y-License Training for April 4 cancelled
    • Little League evaluations for April 4 cancelled
  • West Hills Social Commons (formerly SeniorPlace): Closed through May 1st. All programming is suspended through May 1st.
  • Therapeutic Recreation Activities: All programming is suspended through May 1st.
  • West Hills Tennis and Fitness Center: Closed through May 1st. April Water Aerobics cancelled.
  • Brooktree Golf Course: Please use contractor’s website & Facebook page:  
  • Lake Kohlmier Beach: closed for the season
  • River Springs Water Park: closed for the season
  • Morehouse Chalet: closed for the season
  • Archery Park: open for the season