Parking Control

We strive to maintain a vibrant downtown with parking that is user friendly, especially for customers.

Parking Strategy

We work to maximize the use of all existing parking spaces for downtown customers, businesses, and residents. To accomplish this strategy parking restrictions encourage long-term parking on the fringes of downtown so that short-term parking may be available at the core of downtown.

Most of the long-term parking spaces (20 to 24 hours) are located on the fringe of downtown so that all employees working downtown and residents that live downtown would use these spaces. Most of the short-term parking spaces (2 to 4 hours) are located more towards the center of downtown so that they are convenient for the shoppers and customers of downtown business.

Downtown Short-Term Parking Enforcement

Short-term parking downtown is enforced Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Short-term parking is not enforced on weekends or holidays. Parking Ticket Information is listed to provide customers with information and assistance with the City of Owatonna Parking Control process.